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AUNA Projects…

The range of spheres of the implemented, ongoing and pipeline projects of AUNA is large with various layers of society.

In accordance with its goals and missions AUNA’s projects aim to dissemination of UN values, principles and programs in Armenia and promotion of Armenian values, traditions and cultural heritage through UN structures and programs.

In support of the UN values and principles through its priorities AUNA initiates projects to campaign for the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), Human Rights and Active Citizenship.

The stable development of Armenia is in the limelight of AUNA and in assistance to AUNA networks for peace and stability on the national and international levels.

With the motto Youth is the Future Country AUNA initiates and develops projects for youth involvement and active participation in civil life. Through simulation of the UN bodies AUNA strengthens youth with the imperative knowledge on the World issues.

AUNA believes that efficient cooperation and experience sharing between the local and international NGOs is the way to the strong civil society. Through this belief AUNA comes along with organization of varied conferences, trainings and forums.

Tolerance, Anti-trafficking campaigns, Non-violence, Peace-building, Conflict Resolution, Migration, Human Rights, Youth involvement… These issues are the cornerstone of AUNA projects.

Since the very establishment of AUNA around 40 various projects have been conducted and thousands of people benefited from them.
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