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Armenian UN Association was established in January 2005 and consolidates citizens and organizations of the Republic of Armenia around values, ideas and principles of the United Nations Organization.

We believe that the future belongs to the world community, based on solidarity, peace culture, active tolerance, conscious citizenship, human rights and intercultural dialog, which acknowledges and respects national values and appears to be a carrier and guarantor of values common to all mankind.
Our mission is to serve as a two-way bridge for dissemination of values, principles and programs of UN in Armenia and promotion of Armenian values, traditions and cultural heritage through UN structures and programs.
We promote values, principles and programs of the UN in Armenia and represent Armenian values, traditions and cultural heritage through UN structures and programs, thereby enriching the Armenian and World Cultural Heritage.
We involve individual (creative, professional, intellectual, spiritual, etc.) and structural (programmer, administrative, etc.) potentials of Armenia to contribute to aims and purposes of the Armenian UN Association.
We network on the national level for a stable development of Armenia, on the regional level for peace and stability, and on the international level for the integration of Armenia into the world community.
We campaign in support of UN through our priorities: Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), Human Rights and Active Citizenship, Peace Culture and Conflict Transformation.
We organize researches, trainings, conferences, seminars, forums, exhibitions and other events in Armenia and abroad. We conduct Model UN, human rights protection, integrative, humanitarian, charity and other projects; provide research, training, as well as informational consulting and other services.
Our goals:
  • To actively popularize the principles and activities of the UN and its specialized agencies
  • To participate in civil society building and developing democratic processes
  • To operate as an active defender and promoter of human rights
  • To spread ideals of non-violence and peace-building
  • To promote world peace and cooperation; to participate in global problem-solving
  • To actively cooperate with local, foreign and international NGOs and institutions in dealing with problems of global peace, sustainable development and human rights protection to uphold the ideals of cooperation and unity
  • To contribute to the development of NGO sector in Armenia
Membership and Networking:
  • World Federation of UN Associations (WFUNA)
  • Anti-Trafficking NGO Network of UNDP Armenia
  • Youth and Tolerance Network of UNDP Armenia
  • UN Volunteers Network of UNDP Armenia
  • Caucasian Refugees and IDPs NGO Network (CRINGO)
  • Partner NGO with United Nations Department of Public Information (UN DPI) Armenia
  • Partner NGO with the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of RA
  • Partner NGO with International Organization for Migration (IOM)
  • National Platform of Eastern Partnership, Coordination Board Member
The World Federation of Untied Nations Associations (WFUNA) was launched in August 1946 as "a people's movement for United Nations." WFUNA is a non-governmental body – its members are United Nations Associations (UNAs) in member states. The UN Association of Armenia joined the WFUNA in 2006.

Learn more on the WFUNA and national UNAs at: http://www.wfuna.org

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