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We, the Youth of Armenia, united under the Youth division of Armenian UN Association, pursue the objective of directing the vital potential and energy of the new generation to development of UN related actions in Armenian society, and thus making the impact of AUNA activity stronger and more comprehensive.

We believe that the ideals cherished by UN should be central and primary to all nations. Turning these values into fundamental elements of policies, processes and lives of people is an essential and irreplaceable step for our progress, our prosperity, our planet.

Change in the ways minds think and the methods we wield is a necessary action which must be executed. We acknowledge that the youth segment of society is the only force which is capable of leading this change in consciousness in their communities and in our nation as a whole.

We must explore, we will discover, we shall share. These are the basic principles on which the activities of the youth will be based on. It is the trenchant and probing minds of youth which have to power of linking their community with their society, with their country, with their world at large. Discerning this connection is fundamental in building the bridge between the youth at home and the youth of the United Nations.

Only through the establishment of this bridge can we take a step beyond the limits of local communities and enrich both Armenian and World Cultural Heritage through spreading the values, principles and programs of the UN in Armenia and representing values, traditions and cultural heritage of Armenia through structures and programs of the UN.

Thus, the youth of Armenia shall be the window of Armenian society towards the ideals of the UN – the harbinger of the UN principles and the envoy of national values.

Who We Are

The Armenian United Nations Association Youth is the Youth Division established in January 2007. Our objective is to get Armenian people and especially youth more engaged in the work of the UN, in global governance, to foster greater awareness and understanding between people and cultures, to make Armenian young people a part of international youth family and to involve them in international critical issues which affect all of us.

The AUNA Youth strives for a better world, for a peaceful world, for a harmonious world.

We are sure that hard work of every individual and the society in large are the basic and most important steps towards the above mentioned.

We also firmly believe that only strong cooperation between all the corners of the world can create the very world community which is the holder of future and which is based on Solidarity, Peace Culture, Active Tolerance, Conscious Citizenship, Human Rights and Intercultural Dialogue.

Despite the fact that the efforts of every member of the community are necessary, we have concentrated our attention mainly on young people, being sure that the youth is the main vein which precludes the stagnation of society, provides new ideas, promotes their further implementation and development.

In this realm youth is challenged to develop the tools and skills necessary to confront some of the world’s most complex problems.

Deriving from its vision and further goals, the AUNA Youth emphasizes three main directions of its policy:
  • Local- National
  • Regional
  • International

In Local-national area the AUNA Youth is going to become the provider of the UN ideas and at the same time the keeper of national characteristics.

In Regional level the main goal of ours is to cooperate with regional organizations, to create firm relations with UNA Youth of our neighbor countries, to establish and expand collaboration with different regional NGOs and etc.

As the third level, the international area is the most board one the activities and steps of the AUNA Youth in it are to be larger and multilateral.

Naturally our first and basic target for cooperation is to be WFUNA Youth, establishment of cooperation with UNA Youth of different states. The second direction is the cooperation with those NGOs which are interested in such kind of activities. The next point is the organization of conferences, seminars, projects, etc. within Armenia as well participation outside the country.

The last points are among the most important steps in the way of implementing one of the fundamental issues of our strategy which is to present the values, traditions and cultural heritage of Armenian nation to the world and mutually present the values and culture of others to Armenians enriching both Armenian and world cultural heritage.

Prepared by:
Stepan Khzrtyan
Amalya Hovsepyan

Head of Youth Division
Natalie Sahakyan

Stepan Khzrtyan
Amalya Hovsepyan
Marine Ejuryan
Sona Yeghiazaryan
Hayk Toroyan
Vahagn Kotanjyan
Lilit Alaverdyan
Grigor Bidzyan
Ani Poghosyan
Mariam Adamyan
Khachatur Oksuzyan
Zaruhi Kocharyan
Lusine Papoyan
Philip Melikyan
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