Intellectual Festival

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Intellectual Festival


The Intellectual Festival, initiated in 2007, is a joint project of AUNA, Araratian Patriarchal Diocese (APD) and "KhoranArd" Intellectual Center.

In 2007 with the blessing of Araratian Patriarchal Diocese (APD) Archbishop Navasard Kchoyan Vicar, by the initiative of Karen Asatryan, AUNA founding-president, who was also the Parish Council member of Southwest district Holy Trinity Church, Armenian “KhoranArd” Intellectual Center and Youth Union initiated an Intellectual Festival and organized the 1st Intellectual Game "What? Where? When?" which became traditional and popular among youth.

The intellectual game is organized four times a year and ensures three awards. The game is both pastime and educational as the participants gain knowledge from spiritual life and knowledge in general. Both APD youth unions and AUNA team "1700" are among the participating teams. The name of the AUNA team is conditioned by adoption of Christianity which of course changes every year.



 The “KhoranArd” intellectual center composes questions for the intellectual festival and conducts the game. The majority of the questions refer to the spiritual life and to the history of the Armenian Apostolic Church. The spiritual and youth game is always a brain-storming and becomes a real celebration and intellectual festival.

On August 23, 2008 the recurrent intellectual festival was held. The festival was devoted to the memory of untimely passed Karen Asatryan, AUNA Founding-President. APD Youth Unions and AUNA Team "1707" participated in the game and the AUNA Team consisted of six students from different universities of Yerevan was granted the 1st Honorary Award.

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